We’re still hopeful that our conference can take place in the accustomed way with safety measures in place, but we don’t know yet how Randolph College or any of our participants’ institutions will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic this fall.  Here, briefly, is a list of the possible back-up plans if our usual style of meeting is not possible:

  • —Those who are able meet as usual, but people not able to travel to Lynchburg give their papers by video.  We’ll seek a way to make actors available to everyone even under these circumstances.
  • —We postpone until a time when people can more freely travel and assemble again.
  • —We conduct the entire conference online.

ADIP is unusually well suited for a safely-distanced conference, since we meet in a very large outdoor theatre.  We are also a conference focused on the importance of performance in person and with an audience, so our decisions about meeting will have to grapple with the contradictions inherent in possibly presenting work about live theatre mediated through a screen format.